Eyebrow Shaping Tips

Get Your Life and Brows Back in Shape with Eyebrow Shaping Tips

When someone looks your way, the only thing you want them to see is the flirtatious curve of your mouth and your dazzling eyes.However, had you not been exposed to eyebrow shaping tips, people’s eyes will eventually end up roaming to your thick, thin or misshapen eyebrows. Even if you’re not a fan of makeup, you need to maintain your eyebrows.

It’s the easiest way to create a beautiful frame for your eyes and well-groomed brows pull together your entire appearance. Plus, some people are repelled by masculine bushy brows or a monobrow/unibrow!

So, unless you want to suffer the consequences, it’s about time you get your eyebrows in shape. To help you out, this site will introduce you to different eyebrow shaping tips, starting with the best eyebrow shaping for your face and all the way to how to wax your eyebrows to perfection.

However, before getting to those subjects, here are the


Essential Eyebrow Shaping Tip 1: Find out where your eyebrow begins and ends. To find your brow’s starting point, all you need to do is hold a thin makeup brush against your nose. The point where the brush touches your brow is going to

be your starting point. As for your brow’s end, tilt the same brush from your nose diagonally until it lands on a point at the corner of your eye.

•  Essential Eyebrow Shaping Tip 2: Use an eyebrow brush to smooth eyebrow hairs while tweezing or waxing your eyebrows. This will ensure you don’t end up removing too much. Plus, keeping this brush will help you keep your eyebrows in shape even after they’re nice and clean.

Essential Eyebrow Shaping Tip 3: Use quality tools. You won’t get quality unless you invest in it. So, if you’re looking for great eyebrows, make sure you choose a good pair of tweezers and/or excellent wax. Both of these tools will pull out the hair easily and accurately.

Essential Eyebrow Shaping Tip 4: Keep your distance… from the mirror, that is! If you want your eyebrows to look great, then one of the best tips to follow is not standing too close to the mirror. With some distance between you and your mirror, you’ll be able to create a balance between your eyebrows.

Essential Eyebrow Shaping Tip 5: Always choose the best shape for your eyebrows in order to complement your facial features. This site will explain that set of eyebrow shaping tips more in detail later, so make sure to stick around.

•  Essential Eyebrow Shaping Tip 6: Use a warm towel on your eyebrows or start the shaping process after a hot bath. Some tips suggest icing your skin before starting, but that practice is completely wrong. The cold will tighten your pores, and you’ll feel more pain.

• Essential Eyebrow Shaping Tip 7: Never ever shave your eyebrows. Most women who haven’t read eyebrow shaping tips end up using small razors to get their brows in shape. However, doing so will give them short-lived and uneven results. Stubble or razor cuts and burns are also disadvantages of this practice.

These are just a few eyebrow shaping tips to get you started, and more are coming your way. So, tidy those unkempt eyebrows of yours, and let your face shine.

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