A Guide on Eyebrow Shapes

by Ritzchelle on May 16, 2011

Your eyebrows frame your face and define your facial features.  Furthermore, some say that eyebrows also communicate personality characteristics, which is why you need to make sure that they are shaped right. This brings us to the question: what eyebrow shape is best for your face? The answer to this question is below.

Soft Angled Eyebrows

If you have a soft, oval face, then you don’t have to try many eyebrow shapes, because the best for you is the soft angled shape. Any other shape will make your face appear more oval, which is the last thing you need.

Rounded Eyebrows

If you have a heart-shaped face, you need an eyebrow shape that will add curves to soften your look, while creating a heart shape, using your chin as the bottom of the heart, and your eyebrows as the top. One of the best eyebrow shapes for this purpose is the rounded shape. The curve will be soft, delicate and attractive.

Flat Eyebrows

Women with long faces are always on the lookout for eyebrow shapes that make their faces appear shorter. This is where the flat brow shape is best.  Since this brow shape is horizontal, your eyes will stop moving up and down your face. You will look great and feel good when you those get compliments.

High Arched Eyebrows

Women with perfectly round faces may need to add some length to their features. Of the eyebrow shapes available, the best for this is the high arched brow. Lines that go up and down the face can make the eyes appear much higher and larger.

Angled Brows

For a woman with a square jaw, using any of the aforementioned eyebrow shapes, will not give her the results she really deserves. What you need to do is shape your eyebrows in an angled style. Angled brows help balance your square jaw and soften your curves. This eyebrow shape is also useful for women with diamond-shaped faces.

Now that you know about the eyebrow shapes available, all you need to do is use our eyebrow shaping tips and shape your brows accordingly. However, you need to remember that for your eyebrows to look great, they should look thick and healthy. You can start rubbing castor oil on your brows, but growing your eyebrows will take time.  Instead, you can airbrush your eyebrows to make them thick enough to use with any of these eyebrows shapes. Dinair Airbrush Makeup allows you to use stencils to create the perfect eyebrows you want. Then, all you need is to shape your eyebrows and let Dinair fill them out for you.

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