Eyebrow Threading Tips: From the Asian Continent to Your Home

by Ritz on August 19, 2010

Though it’s originally a technique most used in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent, threading is growing in popularity around the world. Of course, the reason behind this global recognition by women is its benefits, which are:

  • Long lasting results – Eyebrows take 3-4 weeks to grow back
  • Extra accuracy – Each hair can be targeted and plucked
  • Lower price – Just the price of thread
  • Safety – No hot materials or pointed objects near your eyes
  • Fast – Skilled hands only need 10 minutes

So, if you like what you’ve read so far, then you’re going to love these eyebrow threading tips from the experts:

  • As you know by now, you need to prepare your eyebrows beforehand. Some professional eyebrow threading tips recommend spraying hair spray on eyebrows to keep them stiff. Other lists of eyebrow threading tips simply state that brushing eyebrows with an eyebrow comb or toothbrush will do.
  • While implementing these eyebrow threading tips, make sure to outline the best shape for your face beforehand. This will save you from making mistakes.
  • To be able to pluck off thin hair, you could apply some baby powder around the outline you made. However, this eyebrow threading tip is most effective on women with dark hair.
  • Don’t let your excitement of experimenting with these eyebrow threading tips make you rush everything. Take your time in order to make sure your eyebrows are shapely.
  • You will experience pain while plucking hair, thus it’s best you open up your pores by applying a hot towel on your forehead. Some eyebrow threading tips may suggest using ice to numb the area before extracting the hair. However, that will only cause your pores to close up on the hair and make you scream with pain when you pluck it out.
  • It’s best to have someone with you while you’re threading your eyebrows. These eyebrow threading tips work best when your skin is tight. Thus, you will need someone to hold your forehead and lids in order to keep the area around your eyebrows taut.
  • After threading, to prevent any rashes or other forms of skin irritation, you can use a cooling gel or cream. However, experts mention in their eyebrow threading tips that ice is a better remedy because sensitive skin will be aggravated by the threading.

These eyebrow threading tips will provide you with guidelines to follow while threading your eyebrows. However, keep in mind that threading is a tricky art. Thus, you need to practice it before you can venture with a thread on your eyebrows. Start by practicing on your arms or legs, and once your hand is sturdy enough, you can finally move on to threading your eyebrows.

So, give threading a chance and use it the next time you plan on shaping your eyebrows. That way you can have a great set of long-lasting brows and less costs.

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  • Anonymous

    This post really unveils the best of thing about Eyebrow waxing. And the existing content and features of this post really makes me crazy about that. The regarding tips are really looking just mind blowing. As we all know that Eyebrow is really one of sensitive place of the body. So this post really gives the best of precaution for that.

  • http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com permanent makeup NYC

    I much prefer eyebrow threading than waxing because they last a little longer then a week than
    waxing and it is less painful. 

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