Snip Your Eyebrows into Shape with Eyebrow Trimming Tips

by Ritz on August 17, 2010

Though many people are familiar with enhancing their eyes and lips using makeup, all their efforts are futile without shapely brows on their foreheads. The thickness of your brow has a great deal to do with how your face appears to your onlookers. Thick eyebrows will dominate your face, thus reducing the importance of your facial features, whereas thin ones will do the opposite.

So, to keep your eyebrows just right, you need eyebrow trimming tips to help you out. The following eyebrow trimming tips are the collected wisdom of experts, so you know you’ll be on the right track by following them:

  • Most eyebrow trimming tips stress the importance of washing your face and brows to remove any grease and dirt. This will help you trim your brows easily.
  • All expert lists of eyebrow trimming tips emphasize the need to comb and smooth eyebrows before cutting them to the length you need. This will make sure you get the resulting shape you want.
  • These eyebrow trimming tips should apply to the lower part of your brow. As for the top, using a good set of tweezers is the best choice for cleaning and shaping your eyebrows. Some say that trimming can be helpful, but experts are against that practice.
  • Always use sharp scissors or trimmers to implement these eyebrow trimming tips. This will make sure that you get it right from the first snip.
  • Before snipping hairs into size, you should tweeze the errant hair underneath your brows. This will help you get the best results of eyebrow trimming tips.
  • Makeup experts stress in their eyebrow trimming tips to keep the side of eyebrow hair at least 3-5 millimeters (.12-.2 inches) above the top of the brow line. Also make sure you cut thin hair shorter than thick hair.
  • While following these eyebrow trimming tips, make sure to start from the inside corner of your eye and work your way to the outside.
  • Eyebrow trimming tips emphasize using an eyeliner pencil to define the shape of your brows. This will provide you with a guideline so you don’t end up snipping more than you should.
  • While putting these eyebrow trimming tips into practice, make sure to take your time. Rushing this process can cause small accidents such as snipping too much hair, or bigger problems like injuring your eyes.
  • Once you’re done, wash your face to get an idea of the shape you’ve gotten.
  • To make sure your eyebrows are in good shape at all times, trim them every 2-3 weeks depending on your hair’s growth.

These eyebrow trimming tips will save you from the pain you may have suffered by shaping your eyebrows with other methods. Plus, they will help you remove hair easily on your own. Even if you prefer following other eyebrow shaping tips and techniques, these eyebrow trimming tips will help decrease your brow’s thickness, and allow you to shape them more easily.

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